1 Down. 3 To Go.

This past weekend, I went to my cousin, Amy’s, wedding. I’m excited to announce that I have a new cousin in the family, Chris! The entire weekend was amazing, filled with lots of family and fun. My favorites.

My parents and I took the long drive up to New York last Thursday. We left around 6:00 AM and got to my aunt’s house in Yonkers at about 8:30 PM. The first thing I did? Stepped in a pile of snow… while I was wearing just my Vans… no socks. I couldn’t even run into the house because there are so many stairs! I don’t know how I used to live in New York. The South has changed me. But I still love snow! I think everything about it is magical and it makes everything look beautiful. Atlantans probably don’t think that after these past couple days though.

Friday morning, I was summoned to the city for brunch with my Amy, Chris, my sister, and the bridal party. I wasn’t in the bridal party, but I seemed to follow them around a lot… It was a long trip to get to the city and a short time actually spent in the city. But, I couldn’t go to New York without going to the city at least once. I love the train. We ate at Friedman’s. It was delicious. Breakfast noms. Amy and Chris’ friends rented a giant Yukon. We all piled in after brunch to head back to Nanuet.

The rest of Friday was spent hanging out with family and watching my Uncle cut down pine branches from trees for wedding decorations. Then, we headed out for the rehearsal dinner at the Hudson House in Nyack. It was awesome, aside from the fact that I was wearing a dress and heels in the snow. The restaurant was beautiful and we had the whole top floor to ourselves. Chris’ mom read a poem about how great sons can be and it was so cute! Then, Grandma Donna (my foster grandma) made a speech about how the Nghe family came to America and how she got the opportunity to sponsor my family. I cryyyy.

Saturday, the day of the wedding, went by so fast! Especially since my sister and I stayed up later than expected preparing our “speech” for the reception. We woke up a little earlier to tweak the speech some more. Then, we were headed out on some crazy pre-wedding errands. Somehow, we ended up at the Palisades Mall running around looking for a Payless to buy flats for the bride and then stopping at Fairway for flowers for the wedding decorations. We stopped by my uncle’s house to eat some lunch before heading out to the venue, The View, to start decorating. We decorated as much as we could, took some family photos with the bride and then headed over to our hotel to check in.

Again, being in such a rush and having a malfunctioning elevator, we ended up missing the last shuttle back to the View. Luckily, the power went out at the View because it was snowing so that slowed things down a bit. We scrambled to try to find a ride back. Again, luckily, as we were panicking in the lobby, my aunt and uncle came down and we managed to get a ride with them. We arrived just when the lights came back on and they began seating. Perfect timing!

Amy is very creative. She had her bridesmaids carry instruments with flowers on them. They played their little tambourines and shakers while dancing down the isle to the sound of an acapella group singing “Rhythm of Love.” It was so fun! My sister did a reading of the children’s book “The Wonderful Happens.” I think the best part was when Chris’ best man didn’t have the ring. Everyone looked around like OMG! WTF?! And then Chris’ nieces and nephews came up with Amy’s childhood teddy bear (who was spiffed up in a tux) who was holding the ring. It was adorable!

After a cocktail hour, that seemed like dinner because there was so much food, we moved to the reception. It was so much fun! Might have had something to do with the open. But, still fun nonetheless! Of course, if you know Amy, you would expect nothing less than great food! I haven’t been to many weddings, but at any large dinner event, you never really have high expectations. Of course, the food was hot and delicious! Nom nom nom. Amy and Chris’ first dance quickly transitioned into a choreographed dance with the entire bridal party. Even Amy’s father-daughter dance with my uncle transitioned into an amazing choreographed dance. I didn’t know my uncle had moves like that!

Now, I may be a little biased, but I think the highlight of the night was me and my sister’s speech. They said we wouldn’t do it! But, oh, we did and we did it well. My sister and I like to express ourselves in song. So, naturally, we rewrote the lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme song to tell the story of Amy and Chris’ love. I’m still waiting for a video to surface because I still haven’t seen myself perform it. I was very intoxicated at that point of the night, but from the response, I think it was pretty good. I think my body is still sore from dancing all night.

Sunday morning, we headed to my aunt’s house for brunch. My parents and I took Amy and Chris over from the hotel early in the morning so we could start cooking and preparing for the guests. The best part of my trips to New York is being in a house filled with family. It is the best feeling in the world. It’s the best part of my childhood from New York and something that I really miss when I’m in Georgia. Sadly, it had to end. Amy and Chris’ friends who rented the Yukon kindly took me to the airport with them since our flights were at the same time. By the way, Amy and Chris have the nicest friends!

It was a great weekend! I’m sad to be back in Georgia… so far from my family. But, I’ll be seeing them soon. Wedding #2 in June! Can’t wait!

Congratulations, Amy and Chris!

Click here for a compilation video of events from the weekend. Enjoy!


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