Another Round

These past few weeks have been kind of crazy. At my follow up 2 weeks ago, my blood work showed that my hemoglobin was extremely low. I ended up getting a blood transfusion that week. I found out my blood type is AB+! The blood transfusion wasn’t too bad. I was at the hospital for 6 hours. But, my nurses were really nice. They were able to do it through my port, so I didn’t have to get stabbed in my arm. My hemoglobin is still low, below the normal range. But, I do feel a lot better. Hopefully, it stays up and I won’t have to do it again.

My parents and I went to the transplant center to meet with the coordinator. She went over the entire schedule with us. I don’t have a definite schedule yet. Everything is still up in the air as to when I’ll actually be starting my transplant. I got a huge binder of materials and a book that I’m supposed to read through though.

Me and my parents at the transplant center.

Me and my parents at the transplant center.

I hosted my line sister, Pam’s, bridal shower last weekend. It was a little crazy because Georgia got an inch of snow and everyone was freaking out. But, we had a great turn out and everything was amazing! She said she had a great time so we accomplished our mission.

Everyone at Pam's Bridal Shower!

Everyone at Pam’s Bridal Shower!

I was supposed to have my PET scan last Friday. I had already been injected with the radioactive dye and drank the barium. I was in the machine and it ended up breaking. The technician tried to restart the computer twice but it just wasn’t working. After 5 hours at the hospital, I left with no PET scan. I was rescheduled for this Monday and got my results when I saw my oncologist on Tuesday.

The PET showed mixed results from my last round of ICE chemo. The lymph nodes in my neck and chest had decreased in size and activity. However, the lymph nodes in my abdomen and pelvis actually grew in size and intensity. So basically, it’s not working the way they had hoped.

Now, my oncologist and transplant doctor want me to start a third round of chemotherapy. This time I’ll be on Brentuximab. I have to do another 2-3 treatments. It’s only once a week every three weeks. But, this means that my transplant is now pushed back another 6-9 weeks. UGH.

I guess now I have more time to spend with everyone. But, I really just want to get this transplant over with. I want something to work. It feels like nothing is working. I would like to get some sort of good news after a scan.

Anyway… I’m being honored at an LLS fundraising event next week for anyone in the Atlanta area. I’d love for everyone to make it! You just have to donate to Wendi’s personal fundraising page to RSVP or you can buy your ticket at the door.


Princess and Pirates Fundraising Event Invite

I suppose those are the big updates. I’ll be starting my first treatment on Brentuximab on Monday… hopefully, if my insurance cooperates. Let’s hope that it works. Fingers crossed.

Thanks to everyone who has made time for me these past few weeks. Spending time with everyone really helps me stay positive and keeps my mind off of all the crap. Love you all!


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