I know I’m behind on posting about my last treatment. But, let’s take a break from all that cancer talk.

I hate politics. I guess that’s strange since I just got my MPA. But, it just brings out so much ugliness. And I hate controversy, people telling me my opinions are wrong, etc. But, I can’t not get involved in the conversation when it involves my heritage.

I will begin this with the disclaimer that I am proud to be an American. Don’t get me wrong here. I know that being in this country, I am privy to so many more opportunities that people in other countries can only dream of. It truly is a blessing. But, the things happening here today are just so appalling. Not just in politics, but that’s a whole other blog post for another time.

Both of my parents were born in Vietnam. Now, you know and we don’t have to have that awkward conversation. We’ve all been there. You know what I’m talking about!

“Where are you from?”
“New York.”
“But, I mean, you’re Asian. So where are from?” (Because emphasizing “from” completely changes the question.)
“I’m American.”
“Were you born here?”
“Yes… in America!”

I am American. But, sometimes saying, “I’m American,” is not enough. It’s ironic that my family sacrificed their entire lives to come to America for a better future. Here we are now, but we can’t even be considered American. Asian-American, yes. Even that term separates us from the one thing my parents worked so hard for.

My father has worked his way up by working in blue collar jobs my entire life. He showed me the benefits of true hard work. Most people I come by don’t even know what a machinist is. But, he takes pride in what he does. Honestly, I don’t get machines either. But, when my dad talks about the machines and parts, you can tell how much he values what he does. He’s turning 60 this year and he is still going to work at 5 AM and coming home at 8 PM. He still takes all of the overtime he can get because he knows that he is lucky to have a job, any job! He’s been in and out of the hospital for over a month and all he can talk about is how he needs to get back to work. My dad always told me that if you have a job, you take pride in it and you do it well, no matter what. He struggled to even get to this country. He had to leave his whole family behind. When he arrived, he had nothing. Look where we are now because of his determination.

My mother’s family was well-off in Vietnam. But, my grandfather knew they had to leave. Imagine how hard it was for my dad, one man, to get to America. On my mom’s side, you’re talking about my grandpa, grandma, their 7 kids, and 2 grandchildren. They couldn’t even get to America. They had to spend a year at an immigration camp in Malaysia before they could even come into the country. Then, they had to learn a completely new language. They had to learn about how to use money using Monopoly money. My mom said they saved up so much money because they didn’t know how to spend it. They only knew how to go to the grocery store to shop for food.

Of course, with the help of our sponsor families, my mom and all of her siblings have worked from nothing to something. These manual labor jobs that are too good for people now are the same jobs that got my family where they are today. They’re the same jobs that they’ve been working in for decades now.

This is the whole reason I am here today. When people are surprised with my strong work ethic, I tell them I get it from my parents. I remember what my dad said. Whatever I end up doing, even I don’t want to be doing it, I’m still going to be the best. I can’t imagine going through what they had to endure. I don’t want their efforts to go to waste. They came here for me.

Growing up, we all wished we were like the white kids. They made fun of us for bringing weird lunches to school or using chopsticks. So now, I hate sandwiches and I don’t know how to use chopsticks properly. People talk to my parents like they’re stupid or try to take advantage of them because they assume they don’t know English. First of all, that’s not the only language in the world! Secondly, my mom works at a bank. I’m sure she knows when you’re trying to steal her identity.

When I meet people, they still tell me that I speak English very well. Hmm… I wonder why? Maybe because I am an American?! Or when they say, “Wow! You barely have an accent.” Is that supposed to be a compliment?

I could probably rant about this for an entire novel. But, I can barely write anything that makes sense these days. So, I’ll just stop here. I am hoping and praying that one of these racist fools does not become our next President and ruin the dream that my parents fled Vietnam for. You know how I am when it comes to my family. They are my everything.

My beautiful family. We are Asian. We are American.

My beautiful family. We are Asian. We are American.

End rant.


P.S. You can read a good summary of Trump’s immigration plan here. As a child of immigrant parents, it infuriates me. Also, America was built by immigrants! Please register to vote, even if you don’t agree with me.

Round 5

I am so tired.

Chemo #5 went pretty smoothly. It felt like it flew by, but I think it was because I was asleep the whole time. It was my last treatment in Athens. The nurses said they would miss me because I’m always laughing and I have “sassy hair.” My blood counts were lower than usual though. Maybe that explains why I’m so hot and dizzy all the time. But, no problems with my port this time. Yes!

I’m not sure if I’ll miss getting treatments in Athens. They don’t allow visitors. My nurses were nice though. I didn’t really get to know many of the other patients because they were all so much older. We all kept to ourselves, except that one loud, obnoxious dude. Maybe there will be younger people at my new cancer center. But, that’s kind of sad… more young, cancer patients. Who wishes for that? Me! I want a friend…

I felt so tired afterward. I had been in the hospital with my dad for the past ten days before my treatment. He was doing well recovering at home until yesterday. He started vomiting a lot so I took him back to the ER this morning. He’s in the ICU now. They’re trying to get his pancreas inflammation under control… again. He’s got 3 IVs in him! That’s crazy…. and gross. I hate medical things. Hopefully, he’ll be out in a couple days and not another 10. Fingers crossed.

My friend, Tariq, and I improvised some plans for the 4th of July. We went to the park to watch our town’s 3rd of July celebration. On the 4th, we had dinner at Tokyo Bay for my boo’s (Christine’s) birthday. It rained that night, so I just stayed home… on my favorite holiday of the year.

This post is all over the place. I blame chemo brain.

This is also my last week in Athens. I’ve got the moving truck reserved for this Sunday… and no one to drive it. I don’t know how I’m going to move… I have a crew in Athens ready to help. I’ve got a crew in Kennesaw ready to help. But, how to move the things from Athens to Kennesaw…? I’ll be driving my car full of stuff. And even if I did drive the truck, I’d need someone to drive me back to Athens to get my car. I’m just thinking out loud because I don’t know what to do. Help me. I’m so tired.

I think the side effects are getting worse and worse. Or maybe it’s because I’m stressed with my dad being in the hospital, having to move, and other work that I volunteered for. My body hurts so much… everywhere. My mother wanted to go to the mall last weekend, so I drove her and my grandmother to go shopping and left my dad to rest quietly at home. I was moving so slowly. My legs hurt so badly. And I was getting light headed just walking around.

My taste buds are changing. Everything tastes like crap, even my beloved mac and cheese. I tried! It makes me not want to eat anything. My skin is getting so dry. And my mouth. And my fingernails look disgusting, like they’re rotting. I told my sister I’m killing myself to save myself. She said that should be the name of my autobiography. I’m sure it’s already taken though.

I drove straight home after a one hour nap after chemo. My dad had a doctor’s follow up the next morning and no one else could take him. I couldn’t make it the whole way. I stopped halfway and my amazing lil sis, Jessica/Inertia, took me out for dinner. We sat there talking until the restaurant closed and kicked us out. It was great!

My lil bro, Josh/Dumbbell, treated me to dinner this week too. He let me choose So Kong Dong, but I don’t think he even likes tofu soup. My littles are the best. (You too, Anthem!)

I sound fucking crazy right now. Probably because I was at the hospital all day on 4 hours of sleep. Kelsey picked me up from the hospital to take me home on her way home from work. I met my mom at home and she drove us both back to the hospital. I had to test her to see if she knew where she was going. It was so scary. If you know my mother and her driving, you understand.

Our awesome neighbor stopped by yesterday. She said she noticed our grass was getting crazy and that my dad looked really thin. I told her what had been going on so she had her lawn care people take care of our lawn too. How nice!

My cousins sent me a care package. I think my favorite thing in there is this horse hand puppet. He’s so cute! I should name him.

I got my largest medical bill so far. It was for over $3,000. I don’t even think it was for chemo. I think it was for the echo I got back in May before I even started treatment.

I didn’t even bother to organize this post. Now, you can really see how crazy my brain is on chemo. This is how I think. Except, I can’t really remember things. So it takes me longer to type one sentence because I forget what I’m talking about.

Let’s see what pictures I have from the last time I posted.

2015-07-08 11.10.58

Chemo #5 selfie.


3rd of July beer while waiting for fireworks. I don’t think I’m supposed to drink. But, I self-imposed a 2 beer limit on non-chemo weeks.

I’m so tired. Good night.


Oh and I just listened to this Kelly Clarkson song that made me feel better. I thought I’d share.

“No one hears silent tears collecting.”

What time is it? Summertime.

(That title is from High School Musical, in case you didn’t catch that.)

Happy Official First Day of Summer! Hooray! Yeah. Summer actually starts this late. You would not be able to tell living in Georgia. Everyone swears summer began here months ago, probably because we’ve all been on the verge of a heat stroke since May.

Now that I am back in school, summers actually exist again! I’ve still got my part-time campus job and my internship with the Red Cross for the summer, but being a student, I actually have time to play. Quite possibly, this may be the last time. I can’t do anything too extravagant, again, since I’m a student. I wish I could travel internationally or something. Maybe I’ll save that for when I graduate.

In honor of my last student summer, here is my mini summer bucket list. It’s very mundane, but at least I have goals!

1. Learn how to curl my own hair. (I know. I fail at being a girl. And I have so much damn hair.)
2. Bake a three layer velvet cake. (Cake is my nemesis. I have yet to perfect it.)
3. Finish 3 books. (Now that I don’t have to read textbooks, I can read for pleasure. WHAT?! Crazy.)
4. Go on vacation somewhere other than New York or Florida. (Because I go to those places way too much. #firstworldproblems.)

That’s all I have so far. I think this is manageable. I’m debating on adding a few other things on there. Getting my FEMA IS-22 certification. Learning to code. Run a race. But that seems a little too ambitious since it’s summer. Summertime=lazy.

Some other stuff that’s been happening since my last update, which was a long time ago…

After revising my bucket list, I realized that I never updated about two of the things I completed. So, look forward to two very late posts about that. I took one summer maymester class. Still all A’s. (Yes, I count A-‘s as A’s. It still has an A in it.) I was a friend’s last minute plus one to a wedding. It was really fun! I went drunk tubing in Helen with the gang. I went to a beer festival, which is weird because I don’t like beer.

My roommate-less summer is coming to an end finally! My roomie is coming back from her study abroad/Euro Trip. Living alone has been so… lonely. Who would have thunk it? Hmmm?

I’ve got two back to back weddings coming up. I’ve been researching readings to do for my cousin, April’s, wedding at the end of the month. I want it to be a surprise. But, what if she doesn’t like what I pick?! Pressure…

When I get back from New York from that wedding, I basically have a day before I start getting ready for my friend, Shital’s, wedding. I’m excited because I get to have henna done and I have two beautiful outfits. But, I have to learn to garba. It’ll be fun but I’m a horrible dancer and very slow learner. I hope I’m not the worst one.

Well, I’m tired. So that’s it for now. Here’s a song that I’ve been obsessed with recently. Enjoy!


The Next Checkbox

It’s officially been one whole week of being 25 years old now. Nothing has really felt like it’s change except now I have to check the next box when filling out forms and surveys. People have been making fun of me reaching my quarter century mark, but I am grateful. I probably say this in every other post, but growing old is not something that everyone gets to do. As long as I’m celebrating another birthday every year, I will consider myself young. You just don’t know when it’ll be your last chance. That is something that too many people take for granted.

So how was my 24th year of life? I don’t know how else to sum it up other than a hot mess. But hey! Where’s the fun in leading a normal, predictable, vanilla life. No need to go into the details of what I accomplished, or failed to accomplish, because it’s all been documented here already. I think one of the biggest things I learned this year is to never settle if you aren’t happy. I didn’t settle with my job. I didn’t settle with my relationship. I didn’t settle with my education. So I changed it. I’m happy I did. I’m learning about a completely new field. I’m pursuing a new dream career. I’ve started building new, exciting relationships.

I got a lot of conflicting comments about turning 25. One of my cousins warned me that 25 is a confusing year so I should prepare. Well, 24 was pretty confusing for me so I think that would just be a continuation. Nothing new. Someone else said, “It gets better.” Not exactly sure what she was implying. But, I would hope that every year is better than the last. Either way, I’m not really expecting much because I’ve learned that when I expect things, they never turn out that way. Let’s just see where 25 takes me.

As for my fundraising goal, it currently stands at $297.77. I had a total of 12 donors. I exceeded my goal by $47.77 and I met my deadline of raising $250 by my birthday on April 2. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed! It’s a great way to memorialize the 20th anniversary of my grandfather’s death. Also, 4 of my friends told me that they quit smoking. That makes my heart so happy! Feel free to continue donating ;)

Overall, I had a great birthday celebration with my friends here in Athens. Special shout out to my awesome friends who actually drove up from Atlanta: Shital, Kelsey, Amanda and Michael. You guys are crazy for doing that but I’m so happy you did. It was my first time at Terrapin. Tell them it’s your birthday, show them your ID, and you get in for free! Well, I guess I should say you get a free glass. You could technically get in for free anyway. We will definitely have to bring a frisbee (or borrow a dog) next time! I can’t really say much about dinner at the Capital Room. But, from the pictures, it looks like we had a great time! Thanks to everyone who was able to celebrate with me. I felt extra loved that day, especially since I’m not big into celebrating my birthday. I just thought 25 needed some special attention.

I don’t believe this post was cohesive at all. I apologize. I’ve got group projects, reports, presentations, and homework like WHOA for the next couple weeks. Then, finals! Wish me luck!

The Gang at Terrapin


25 ’til 25


This year marks my 25th birthday. A whole quarter century! Where did the time go?! As I reach this milestone, I look back on my life and realize… I still have no idea what I’m doing. But that’s ok! I hear you don’t figure that out until your 30s. I still have time before I really need to freak out. At least I’m on the right track and that’s a fact. I’ve made some pretty good decisions this past year, in my opinion. I’m a little bummed that I won’t be able to go anywhere for my birthday this year. I guess that is the sacrifice I’ve made for higher education, also the downside to having your birthday on a Wednesday.

I tried to start this tradition of philanthropy for my 23rd birthday, but it slipped my mind last year. I didn’t meet my fundraising goal that year, so let’s see if I can meet my goal for my big quarter century birthday. Please help me out!

This year, I’ll be raising funds for the American Lung Association in memory of my ông ngoại. The story is posted on my donation page. But, I will add a personal blog anecdote. My grandfather died when I was only 5 years old from lung cancer. I did not know until much later how much he did for my family. I remember the Egg McMuffin sandwiches and the big bags of puffy Cheetos. But, I also remember always seeing him with a cigarette in his hand. I wish I could have talked to him more when he was around, but he died when I was so young. He was 74 years old. 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of his death. I can’t believe it’s already been 20 years. Imagine how much longer he could have been around if he hadn’t smoked. My grandmother wouldn’t have been a widow for 20 years. I would have gotten to hear firsthand stories about how he got my family to America. He would have gotten to meet his great grandchildren and see his grandkids get married this year. Then again, maybe living until 94 years old would have been a stretch. But, now we’ll never know.

I don’t ask for much. I’m not having a huge party. I have too much crap so I don’t need presents. I just ask for a little help in raising money towards a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Reaching my goal would be a great way to ring in my 25th. Oh and if any of you want to quit smoking in honor of my birthday too, that would be the best.

Here is the link to donate and read the rest of the story.

P.S. If any of you would still like to help me reach my goal from my 23rd birthday, the Susan G. Komen donation page is still up. You can go to it and read about my connection to the cause.

Thank you for reading <3


Peace Out, 2013

2013 was a weird year. Overall, I think 2013, for me, was a year of growing up and moving on. I think a lot of that had to do with getting out of a long and drawn out relationship and ending my year of service with AmeriCorps at HandsOn Atlanta. We can only hold out on growing up for so long. Especially this year, having to attend memorial services for a 19 year old and a 26 year old, I’ve come to appreciate the privilege of getting older. It’s the first year I’ve attended two funerals. But, also two of my cousins and two of my friends got engaged. Two of my cousins also had babies. I guess it was a lot of ups and downs.

I’ve had a lot of great memories though and I am so thankful for that. I celebrated my 24th birthday in Austin, TX with a reunion with my sister and two cousins. I only had one trip to New York this year, as opposed to my usual 4-5. But, it was for a great occasion, Amy’s bridal shower! It’s always a good time when I get to see my family. Only 3 more weeks-ish until I am back in New York for wedding 1 of 4 this year!

I also had the great opportunity to plan the annual Convention for my sorority. But, if you’re an avid follower of my blog, you already know all about that.

I was able to do three races, paint four paintings, and complete three more things on my bucket list. I did pretty badly with the bucket list this year. Hopefully, 2014 will be full of more adventures. But, not crazy adventures like when my car was broken into this year… while I was at work… in broad daylight.

Well, I won’t bore you with a recap of things I’ve already wrote about in this blog. I did learn some pretty big lessons in 2013.

1. It’s okay to ask for help. I think I mentioned this somewhere before, but life is not a solo journey. It’s meant to be shared with people. This year was really rough for me as far as getting out of an unhealthy relationship and still dealing with issues of guilt after my uncle’s death. I have to say, I really wouldn’t have made it without my friend, Nick.

Going back to Athens for grad school was really weird. I didn’t have the same crew to hang out. I really didn’t expect Nick to be the one to talk me through all of my issues with my uncle and help me to remember all the good stuff instead. I guess it helps talking to, not only someone who will listen, but someone who’s point of view hasn’t been swayed yet.

I also went to therapy for two months. Mostly to deal with the grief with my uncle’s passing, but also other, normal 20-something year old issues. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. I think therapy gets a bad rap of being for the crazies. But, it really helped me to learn a lot about myself and think of things in a different way. I credit my therapist for helping me tear down the barriers that have been holding me back from being the best me I can be. Resolution #1: Include people in my life.

2. People don’t care the way they should anymore. I had this conversation with a friend. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s social media, all the distractions with technology and the media, or this blanket of apathy that has seemed to engulf the planet, but people just don’t care about things as much as they cared before. Remember the days when you would come down with a cold and someone would bring you soup? Or when you get out of the hospital and people would bring flowers to your house? The days when you liked someone and actually made a move instead of poking them on Facebook? When people actually put effort behind making time for each other?

I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of this either. I’ll send a get well soon e-card. I’ll send a text instead of making a phone call or an in-person visit. I’d really like to make this a conscious effort in 2014, Resolution #2. I don’t want to be the lazy friend. I want people to know how much they mean to me, which leads me into my last point.

3. Life is way too short and unpredictable to hold anything back. Someone told me that I need to take advantage of being in grad school while I still have the chance. Yes, you should work your ass off because you’re there for an education. But, there is also a world of opportunities for making new connections, adventures, and a whole array of mistakes waiting to be made.

I have spent too much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Yes, it’s good to look to the past and learn from it. But, each day is different. Just because something bad happened in the past, doesn’t mean it will happen again. And yes, you should plan for the future. But, it shouldn’t be a constant worry that keeps you from living in the present. Somethings just need time to build, grow, and play out on their own. In time, what that universe has been building up for us will be unraveled at just the right moment. Until then, you just have to roll with the punches. Resolution #3: Go with the flow.

Oh and I have a random Resolution #4: Take more videos. I want my 2014 recap video to be actual videos instead of a slide show. And maybe Resolution #5: Take more pictures of people than food.

I don’t know what 2013 has done for you. But, when I look back on everything that has happened and all the lessons I’m walking away with, I can say that 2013, you were just what I needed. Thanks, but it’s time to see what 2014 will have in store for me.

Happy New Year, my lovely friends and family. I probably don’t say it enough, but I love you all.

My sign language is rough since I took the course over the summer. Please don’t judge me. Also, photo credits to Christina L, Amy N, April H, James K, Michael L, Christine H, Jessica W, Nyla L, Shital L, Tariq C, Amanda S, Manida C, and Jamie C. Sorry if I missed someone. Enjoy!


Mini Bucket Lists

I am flying out to New York this Thursday. All I have to say is that it’s about freaking time! I haven’t been back at all this year. I went 5 times last year! Or 4…? And it’s already October! I’ll land late Thursday night and leave Monday afternoon. Sunday is my cousin’s bridal shower so I have two full days of New York fun! Since this will probably be my only 2013 New York trip, I want to make sure I do everything in this one trip… or as much as I can. Here is my bucket list for New York 2013:

1. Go to David’s Tea. But try not to spend my entire paycheck there. I make no promises though.
2. Get some cookie tins from the Christmas Tree Shoppe.
3. Go to Target with the fam at least twice.
4. Go to the Rockland Bakery at least 4 times with the family. Yes, four times in two days. That isn’t even a lot. It’s pretty doable.
5. Meet Leonardo and Hannah. This probably should be more at the top of my list. Haha. Sorry, babies.
6. Meet up with my sorority big and little in the city. Maybe we can all go to David’s Tea together!
7. Visit Cau Dung and Grandpa at the cemetery. That’s just a given. But, maybe we don’t get lost this time.
8. Hang out with the BFF and her fiance in White Plains.
9. BANG! All day!

Also, I love October and the fall! There are lots of things I want to do this month before I hit my depression mode around Thanksgiving. Here’s my October Bucket List:

1. Go pumpkin picking.
2. Carve said pumpkin.
3. Go to a corn maze and finish without cheating.
4. Go to some sort of Fall Festival… like this one.

So I am now taking volunteers for who wants to complete these things with me. Any takers? Let’s go have an adventure!!!


Farewell, Summertime

Ok. So I have been really lazy and not wanting to update my blog. Not like I have much of a following anyway in my super interesting life, but here it is! A new post by special request from my cousins.

This past summer hasn’t been really eventful. I decided to finally cross off something on my bucket list: learning American Sign Language. I took an 8-week course at my local community center. I want to go more in depth about this later in one of my bucket list posts. So more on that later…

As many of you know, I was in charge of planning my sorority’s national Convention this year. It was a lot of work, but it was finally see a year of planning come together in one weekend. It was awesome! I know I can’t make everyone happy, but I got a lot of great feedback about the event, which makes it all worth it.

Undergraduates at Convention

Oh! And you have to check out this awesome video that one of our sisters made at Convention. Love it!

I started graduate school two weeks ago. I’m pursuing a Masters of Public Administration. I haven’t decided on a specialization yet, so we’ll see where this goes. But, in my three days of orientation and two weeks of classes, I’m pretty sure I’m on the right track. I’ve been really enjoying everything so far despite the crazy amounts of reading I have to do. I’ve never read this much in my entire life, especially for school! What?!

During orientation, we had a service project with our cohort. We split up into four groups and I got to go to Bike Athens. We worked in their shop to take apart old bikes for parts for new bikes. They sell the new bikes for their income, which is pretty cool. They focus a lot of legislation for transportation and it’s pretty interesting. There’s a short article in their newsletter about our service project. Check it out to see a picture of my cohort and me pretending like I know what I’m doing with tools!

I’ve also pretty much moved into my new place in Athens. I just need clothes now. I think everything else is good. By the way, Convention, orientation, and move-in all happened one right after another. Hence why I had no time to update… or talk to people…

Today was my last day as an AmeriCorps VISTA. Can’t believe I made it through an entire year, especially with that living allowance. Phew. It’s been crazy and frustrating, but I’d say a rewarding, worthwhile experience. Without this past year, I think I’d still be lost in working in the private sector instead of finding something I’m really passionate about in the public sector. I’ve run into so many people in my cohort who are very idealist and want to work in a nonprofit and “change the world.” But, some of them have very limited experience working in a nonprofit other than a short-term internship. So I’m glad I have a year of experience under my belt.

I sent out a farewell email to all of the nonprofits I’ve been able to work with this past year and I got some really nice messages back. It’s nice to have the executive director reaffirm the impact your work has made on their organization and furthering their mission. Oh! And my picture was on the official Google blog and cross posted on the official Google for Nonprofits blog. My name is on there, spelled right and everything!

That’s pretty much the gist of what I’ve been up to. I’ll try to update soon about my bucket list updates. TTFN!


While Everyone Else is Complaining About the Rain…

I just need to vent.

On Tuesday, I got this weird bump on my wrist removed at the dermatologist. By the way, my new dermatologist is freaking crazy. He reminds me of that guy in that movie… yeah… he was really excited and his eyes got really big when he talked. I was like whoa! CTFD! And he was the same guy who cut this thing of my wrist. Scary.

Anyway… now I have to wear a bandaid over the “wound” for a week. But, I have this crazy skin allergy to adhesive. In hindsight, I guess I could have mentioned that while I was there. Damn it. It’s only day 2 and the band-aids are already driving me crazy. I don’t want to develop a crazy rash. I don’t know what to do. Stupid skin.

On Wednesday, my car got broken into while I was at work in the middle of the day. It wasn’t even the afternoon. It was the morning… when the sun was out… And I was parked fairly close to the front door. And there are always cops on patrol in our parking lot and on our street. Yeah. I work in the hood. They broke my window and stole my wallet. Out of all the days, it’s the one day that I forgot I left my wallet in the car… in the glove compartment, of course! I take it out of my purse every morning to drive to the gym since I don’t want to lug my whole purse to the gym just to have my license. Then, I put it back in my purse when I get to work. I remembered and went out to grab my wallet before going to lunch and BAM! Oh hey, broken window.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m trying to look on the bright side. I had nothing else of value in my car. Those stupid thieves. I probably had like $12 in my wallet. But now I have to get everything else replaced. I have no license. No credit cards. No debit card. The prayer card from my uncle’s funeral is gone. My college ID which I was going to keep using through grad school is gone. All for $12! I hope you enjoy your $12! And I found a typo on the police report sheet. Ha. I wonder how many copies of that they made.

Oh and I have to replace my car window. My coworker helped me tape it up yesterday. Charlie was rocking some plastic Target shopping bags on the way home… when it started raining. Target should pay me. Seriously. The amount I advertise for them is ridiculous. My dad replaced the Target bags with some sturdier cardboard from a Little Caesar’s pizza box though.

So while everyone is complaining about this crazy Atlanta rain… I’m sitting here like… OK. But, I’m trying to not let it get to me too much because “I bet he died” and I’m sure there are people out there with far worse problems than mine.

I leave you with this one question. I have no license. I applied for a replacement online because I don’t want to go to the DMV. If I get pulled over, can I just show the officer my crime report and tell him my license number? I knew memorizing my license number would pay off someday.

Hmm… I should update this more often…