February Madness

This month has been so hectic. I’ve been on the go every week. Tonight is the first night I finally have to rest. But, not really because I have a midterm tomorrow. (Fingers crossed that this bad weather will linger and cancel night classes tomorrow). I’ve been doing so much this month that I wanted to dedicate a special post to all the February Madness.

I spent the first weekend in February away at the Association for Fraternal Values and Leadership Central Conference in Indianapolis. It was my first time in Indiana (bucket list!). I didn’t get to explore much of the city though because the conference took up most of my time. It was so cold, I never wanted to leave the hotel room. It was great too because our hotel was connected to the conference hotel. So I really never had to go outside.

AFLV is a great conference for Greek leadership! It’s probably one of the best conferences I have ever attended. I got to listen to some great speakers and actually learned a lot from the workshops. Best of all, I got to meet a whole new generation of sisters from across the nation. It’s so great to see all these young people who are so motivated. I say that like I’m ancient. But, there really is a difference. It even snowed on our last day! Snow is so magical. Except in NYC. Then, it’s just gross.

Sisters at AFLV

Sisters at AFLV

The next weekend I traveled to Orlando, Florida. It was supposed to be a nice, warm vacation. But, it was not warm. I started off with a pit stop in Gainesville, Florida to have dinner with one of my best friends, Danielle. We went to this sushi place called Dragonfly and got bubble tea at Lollicup. Yum.

Sushi at Dragonfly

Sushi at Dragonfly

I spent the weekend in Orlando catching up with people and then… I went to Alton Brown Live! And it was the best night ever! I didn’t know what to expect because he’s a TV chef. But, there was music, cooking demonstrations, comedy. It was great! I was laughing so hard the whole time. We tried to stalk him around Orlando through his instagram but we were too slow. Other highlights from Orlando… just a lot of good food. Soft serve and Italian Ice from Jeremiah’s. Going to this awesome store called Bulk Nation! Um.. best store ever. WTF? And so much noms from Se7en Bites, which I saw on my syands’ instagram account.

I spent my last day in Orlando eating some more at the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market. They had fresh coconut juice… right from the coconut! Yum.

But, I got sick at the end of my trip. And I’m still dying. But that doesn’t stop the adventures!

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I continued the next week with a three-day training in Macon, GA. Not that exciting. The course was to be certified for the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. I got to meet some great professionals in the emergency management world and I got 100% on my final exam. I also got to meet up with an old AmeriCorps co-worker who goes to law school there now. I haven’t seen her in over a year! I also got some tips about some of the good spots to eat in Macon. The best place I went to was called The Bear’s Den. So good!

The Bear's Den. Country Fried Steak. Green Beans. Mac n Cheese. Not pictured (banana pudding for dessert)

The Bear’s Den. Country Fried Steak. Green Beans. Mac n Cheese. Not pictured (banana pudding for dessert).

After Macon, I headed to Oxford, Mississippi with two of my line sisters. We spent Friday packing up Holly’s apartment, renting a U-Haul, and then driving to Greenville, Mississippi to pick up our packets for the Mississippi River Half Marathon. We tried to load up on carbs at a horrible Italian restaurant. We woke up early on Saturday to meet up with our sorority mom (Hannah) and her real-life husband (Anthony) (this must be confusing for non-Greeks) to head out for the half marathon. It started in Arkansas (bucket list!). We ran over the Mississippi River and crossed over state lines. I was still sick and dying so I didn’t do so hot. But, I still finished. It was a really nice course. The river was beautiful and the land was flat.

Anthony didn’t do the run with us but he was our personal photographer. So he’d be waiting at certain points along the route to take some action shots. I can’t wait to get the photos! I thought I would never see the finish line. So I started crying when I crossed it. I couldn’t breathe and my legs gave out so Anthony dragged me to the medical tent so I could regain consciousness. Not really, I didn’t pass out. Almost. I got a nice, complimentary 10-minute massage afterwards. We got our medals engraved. Then, we headed back to Oxford to complete packing up Holly’s apartment, which was such a struggle post-half marathon. But, we really wanted to get her back to Georgia!

We had a nice galentine’s night with dinner at Ajax. The best place in Oxford in my opinion. Then, we went to go see 50 Shades of Grey. It was a comedy basically. It just reaffirmed the horrible writing of the book. It was just hilarious to see actors actually playing out those scenes and actually saying those words. After filling up the U-Haul and hitching Holly’s SUV up to the trailer, we were off to Georgia again.

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So now I’m back. And it’s time for midterms. I just want to get rid of this cold. Sleeping in my own bed is such a great feeling. No more traveling… at least until spring break. It’s been a crazy month. Time to rest.


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