Mini Bucket Lists

I am flying out to New York this Thursday. All I have to say is that it’s about freaking time! I haven’t been back at all this year. I went 5 times last year! Or 4…? And it’s already October! I’ll land late Thursday night and leave Monday afternoon. Sunday is my cousin’s bridal shower so I have two full days of New York fun! Since this will probably be my only 2013 New York trip, I want to make sure I do everything in this one trip… or as much as I can. Here is my bucket list for New York 2013:

1. Go to David’s Tea. But try not to spend my entire paycheck there. I make no promises though.
2. Get some cookie tins from the Christmas Tree Shoppe.
3. Go to Target with the fam at least twice.
4. Go to the Rockland Bakery at least 4 times with the family. Yes, four times in two days. That isn’t even a lot. It’s pretty doable.
5. Meet Leonardo and Hannah. This probably should be more at the top of my list. Haha. Sorry, babies.
6. Meet up with my sorority big and little in the city. Maybe we can all go to David’s Tea together!
7. Visit Cau Dung and Grandpa at the cemetery. That’s just a given. But, maybe we don’t get lost this time.
8. Hang out with the BFF and her fiance in White Plains.
9. BANG! All day!

Also, I love October and the fall! There are lots of things I want to do this month before I hit my depression mode around Thanksgiving. Here’s my October Bucket List:

1. Go pumpkin picking.
2. Carve said pumpkin.
3. Go to a corn maze and finish without cheating.
4. Go to some sort of Fall Festival… like this one.

So I am now taking volunteers for who wants to complete these things with me. Any takers? Let’s go have an adventure!!!


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  1. Holy shit. This is so cute. Have you talked to Trang? I’m not driving to Philly so you can see a baby. Ok I guess I will if you really want to.

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