Recovery Recap

This week has been rough. However, compared to my first ICE treatment, I think it has gone a lot better. My doctor adjusted my pre-chemo anti-nausea meds so I didn’t get as sick this time around. By the third day of chemo, I was still feeling pretty horrible. They gave me the really strong stuff, Phenergan, on the third day of chemo and on my fourth day of fluids. I was knocked out the entire time. Phenergan is good because I just fall asleep the whole time. But, then I wake up all drowsy and disoriented. I go home and sleep for hours. It takes forever to wear off. And when it does, I just feel nauseous again. Plus, the neulasta shot burns so badly when they stick me with the needle. I guess that’s the trade off with the Phenergan. I’m so drowsy that I don’t feel the pain as much.

The bone pain from the neulasta shot kept me up last night. But, I just popped some pills when I woke up and it was manageable for the rest of the. I really think that bone marrow biopsy last time was a big part of my pain. Thank goodness I didn’t have any of that again. Bone marrow is still clean! I don’t know if I mentioned those results last time.

I had an awesome caregiver team this week. I totally forgot to bring lunch on my first, long day of treatment. Lucky that my best friend, Kelsey, came through and didn’t let me starve. And, of course, her mom took me home twice. My line sister, Holly, drove all the way from Lawrenceville and took a half day from work to take me home from treatment. I was feeling well enough to grab lunch with her and she even bought me cheesecake. Yum! My grandlittle, Jaleesa, and little, Tracy, took me to and from my fluids treatment right after Tracy got in from New York. Then, I got greeted by 3 more of my sorority sisters from UNCC after I got done with getting fluids (GGlil Pamela, Camarin, and Ann). I felt so bad because I was so drowsy from the Phenergan. They all wanted to get pictures with me. I felt like a celebrity! Definitely a lot of love this week.

I should be getting a PET scan in a couple weeks. If the tumors are small enough, I’ll be transferring my treatment over to the bone marrow transplant center. If they’re not down to a good size yet, I’ll have to do one more 5 hour ICE chemo session. I haven’t scheduled the PET scan yet, but fingers crossed!

I’ve already been bouncing back from treatment, which is surprising because it’s only been a few days. I think it’s really good because I’m keeping active. I slept a lot on Friday, probably 80% of the day. But, I went on a fun double date on Saturday night with Christine, JR, and Justin. Tacos, gummy bears, and Black Mirror. What more do you need for a fun, yet relaxing, night? Yay! Glad I got to see JR and Christine before they left for Vietnam!

I got to finally explore Ponce City Market today with Justin. I was a little tired and sore from the neulasta. But, walking around and getting fresh air makes me feel better. Good thing he was there to pull me up the stairs and keep me from falling. That’s always good. It was very windy, so we literally went into every store just to keep from freezing. PCM just reminded me of a wannabe Chelsea Market with a wannabe Eataly and everything. But, I guess that’s the New York City snob in me. Still a nice addition to Atlanta.

I wanted to end this post by asking everyone who is reading this to keep a new friend, Christina, in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I met her a while back in Athens when we were out with friends. She is also 26 and recently diagnosed with cancer. She begins her first chemo treatment tomorrow. She is so positive and so strong. Talking to her this past week has even given me the energy and strength to keep fighting. Her attitude is just amazing. Another young, cancer survivor beginning her battle and I’m so happy that we have found each other for support. So, please send her some positive vibes tomorrow. She already has such a massive support system behind her and seeing all the love just reminds me of how lucky I am to have my support system behind me, as well. Her hashtag is #IStandWithTeena or #WeStandWithTeena.

Until my PET scan, I don’t really have much happening. So there may be a lack of updates. But, you all will be the first to know once all the PET scan stuff happens! Thank you again to everyone who has been checking in with me and making sure I’m ok. I really couldn’t do it without all of you! Love, love, love <3


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