Round 11

So I have been slacking on the updates. I blame Scandal. I binge watched it all the way from the beginning. Anyway…

These past couple weeks, I’ve been really focusing on fundraising for the LLS Light the Night Walk. My team is doing pretty well. I’m only $80 away from reaching my own personal goal. There’s still time to donate! Any amount is much appreciated! Our team was just recently moved under the LLS Georgia Chapter’s team fundraising page. I’m that great of a volunteer that they wanted my team to be under the corporate team.

My home chapter in Athens had a percentage night in Athens to raise money for the walk. I think they raise over $200… through burritos! Thanks, Chipotle! I also had a sorority sister in New Jersey shave her head in my honor and to raise awareness for blood cancers. She is so brave because you know how much hair means to a woman! Now, she is a rocking a beautiful bald head for me. I feel bad because she lives in New Jersey/New York and it’s getting cold now. But, she’s awesome! Thanks, Sapphire!

I’ve also been keeping busy with all of these wedding festivities. We had a rehearsal for the Vietnamese ceremony for my friends next weekend. This is the second tea ceremony I’ll be part of. But, the first one was for my cousin so I didn’t really have to do anything. I think it should be fun. I love weddings with different cultural traditions. It’ll be the weekend after chemo though. Hopefully, I can find the strength to make it through the day.

My dad finally got his last drain out. So he is drain free. He’s starting to eat more and gain more weight. He was down to 90 pounds at one point! Now, he’s doing great. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in on him.

Chemo #11 was ok. My oncologist said I’m still doing well. The plan is to wait a month after my last chemo (October 15), do a PET scan, and see what our next step will be. So my PET scan will be the week before Thanksgiving. From what I’ve heard from other survivors, it seems likely that I’ll be starting radiation around Thanksgiving. I’m really hoping I don’t have to do anymore chemo. Recovery is getting worse and worse. I used to feel fine after 2-3 days. Now, it takes almost a whole week before I don’t feel sick anymore. But, I still feel really tired all the time. Food is gross too. Everything tastes weird. One day, I hardly ate anything because it all tasted gross and made me so nauseous.

My oncologist cleared me to travel after my last chemo. So, obviously, I went home and booked a flight. Can’t wait to go to Minnesota and see everyone again! And, of course, I’ll be going to New York for New Year’s. I usually go to New York about 4 times a year. I’ve only been once this year. I’ve been deprived! #firstworldproblems. I can’t wait to travel again!

I had lunch with one of my old bookstore co-workers yesterday. He gave me an awesome tervis tumbler with the HL ribbon on it. Thanks, Chad! I also had dinner with a sorority sister. Yummy tacos in Smyrna at Taqueria el Guero. You know a taco place is legit when they have beef tongue. Yum. Thanks, ECKO!

I feel like everyone is going to Vegas this weekend. My line sister is having her bachelorette party. I wish I could join in on the fun. But, I hope everyone has a good time for me!

Tomorrow, I’ll be volunteering in the morning at TEA Walk. Then, the Light the Night Walk that night. It’ll be a busy day. I got the shirts for my team. They look great! Hopefully, it won’t rain though. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been slacking with taking pictures. My phone is filled with wedding dress pictures from dress shopping with my friend. But, here’s a shot of our rehearsal. Also, a picture of my cousin’s newborn, Lyra. She’s so cute! Everyone loves an Asian baby.

Vietnamese tea ceremony rehearsal. Everyone is confused…

Baby Lyra! Isn’t she adorable!?


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