Round 12

Today was my last chemo! Hopefully… fingers crossed. I have a PET scan in two weeks and we’ll see what the next steps are from there. Everything went smoothly today. The usual 4 hours. I got a special sign hung on my IV pole so everyone knew it was my last day. I kind of felt bad, like I was flaunting it in front of everyone else.

All of my friends, sisters, and family have been so awesome today sharing their support for me. Thanks to everyone who has been posting pictures and sending me messages. My running buddy, Hudson, even wore his Remedy for Remedi shirt underneath his work clothes today.

When I left, one of the infusion nurses put on a crown, got a wand, and sprinkled me with good luck. Haha. They’re so funny.

2015-10-15 13.43.09

I know I posted my post-chemo bucket list a couple days ago. But, those are things I want to do. I still can’t wait for a lot of things. Most obviously, I can’t wait to have my hair grow out again. I can’t wait for my skin to not be so dry and crackly and nasty. For my nails to go back to a non-rotting color. For my mouth not to be dry anymore. For my body not to ache all day and everyday. To be able to walk up the stairs without getting short of breath. To not be stabbed in the chest anymore to access my port. And… so much more that I can’t remember at the moment. Oh! That’s another thing. I can’t wait for to have a working memory again. Goodbye, chemo brain!

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m going to celebrate tonight. I wish I could! I feel pretty good, relative to how I usually feel after chemo. Every time you leave chemo, you have to get your vitals taken a second time to make sure the meds aren’t reacting all crazy in your body. The nurse said my heart rate was high. It was around 107. I was like, “Oh. Maybe because I’m super excited about being done!” Haha.

Here are some of the pics everyone shared in my honor today! It really gets me through the day. Thanks again to everyone today who posted pictures, sent me messages, and sent me good vibes. It really helped me get through the day.


My cousin posted this pic of us after I made the collages below. She’s the baby. I’m kissing her. Hehe.

Everyone wearing their Remedy for Remedi shirts today!

I’ve been so blessed to have such a large support system! You guys are the real MVPs! Love you all! I’ll be needing those positive vibes again for my PET scan on October 29. Fingers crossed!


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