The Messy Baker

Ok. So I know I don’t update this blog often. But, I had an idea to add a new segment called the Messy Baker. Since I’ve been in  grad school and my life has been consumed with stress, I started baking a lot more again. I told my grandlittle that I’m an “emotional baker” which means that I bake all the time. I’m not a pro or anything. I find something I want to make and I google a recipe. I pick one with a good review and done. I have gluten free neighbors so I’m thinking of experimenting with some gluten free baking too. But, we’ll see how that goes.

Why messy? I don’t know how many of you have seen me bake, but I make the worst messes. Flour all over my clothes, the counter and the floor. Butter all over the microwave (because I’m too lazy to melt it in a saucepan). Every single fork, spoon and knife is in the sink because I never think to just keep one around. I just keep grabbing new ones. I underestimate how much space things will take up so I’m constantly transferring everything into bigger pots, pans and bowls. My baking horrifies my mother.

I hardly try my own baking because I’m not really into sweets. I just pawn them off on other people. But, I usually get good reviews. In the past month I’ve baked chocolate cupcakes filled with custard, oatmeal which chocolate chip pecan cookies, sugar cookies, and brownies. I don’t have many pictures of those because I didn’t think about starting this blog until last week. I’m also working on my food styling. The only good one I’ve gotten so far is of my mini chocolate cupcakes. I’ll have to redo the brownies because the powdered sugar/cocoa powder topping didn’t melt the way it was supposed to and ended up looking like crack covered brownies.

We’ll see how this goes. Also, if anyone wants to buy me a pastry cutter, that would be lovely. Cheers!


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