Wedding Season

I officially have one month left of summer before classes start again. I feel like I’ve done a lot of things this summer. Yet, at the same time, I feel like I haven’t done anything. For one, I haven’t completed anything on my summer bucket list. I have finished one book so far out of my three. I read Divergent in case anyone was wondering. That’s a trilogy, so maybe I’ll just finish all of them so I can meet my goal.

In other news, I’ve pretty much just been busy with wedding festivities. During the last weekend of June, I went to my cousin April’s wedding in New York. I got to see all of my family again and had a great time at her city wedding. We even had a bachelorette dinner for her at Freemans. So good. Then we had a family picnic in Central Park the Friday before the wedding. It was nice to give both of the families time to mingle with each other. For the wedding, we stayed at a boutique hotel in Queens, the Z Hotel. The wedding was at Attic Studios, which was very spacious and had a lot of windows so there was great lighting. Both places had great views of the city. I also had the pleasure of doing the reading for the wedding. I read a poem called, “On Your Wedding Day.” And, of course, my sister and I performed our own rendition of “Baby Got Back” at the reception.

Here is a recap video of April and James’ Wedding. The song I chose was the one used for the processional. They used an instrumental version though. Welcome to the family, James!

Kish Table for 2 from Stephenie on Vimeo.

I got back from New York on Tuesday night. By Wednesday, I was already prepping for the next wedding for one of my best friends, Shital. We started with wedding festivities on Thursday night with Mehndi (Henna). It was so cool! The girl who did my Henna was so young, but her Henna was so pretty and intricate. It was amazing. On Friday, we began with a Pithi ceremony in which the bride is covered in turmeric paste. It’s said to lighten the skin and cleanse the bride to make her pure for the wedding, I believe. Later on that night, we had garba! Very fun! Lots of dancing that I couldn’t do. Her cousins even bought fireworks to set off in the back of the venue since it was the Fourth of July. Saturday was the wedding ceremony and the reception. I didn’t understand what was going on during the ceremony, but it was all very interesting to watch. The reception, of course, was very fun. She had a great DJ so everyone danced all night long.

Here is a recap video of Shital and Jitendra’s Wedding festivities. The song is the one they used for their first dance.

Shitendra752014 from Stephenie on Vimeo.

After her wedding, I had a quick stint back in Athens and then I was off to Orlando for a quick getaway for the weekend. I rounded off my summer wedding festivities with a bridal shower for my sorority sister, Manida, today. I had a great time. The food was delicious. The games were fun. The drinks were good. The decorations were so cute, I even took one of the centerpieces home. Her bridesmaids did an awesome job.

Hopefully, I can use this last month of my summer to get some stuff crossed off my bucket list. Otherwise, you probably won’t hear from me. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


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