What My Life Has Become

I have been pretty busy since graduate school started. I don’t think I’ve really dedicated a post to what’s been going on here in the good ol’ Classic City. So here goes.

Grad school is rough. I have never studied so much in my life. I always joke that in undergrad I was an advertising major so the most I’ve ever had to write is a radio script and the rest of my projects consisted of drawing pictures. There was more to that of course, but nothing compared to what I have to learn now for a Master of Public Administration. I have never read so much in my life. It’s crazy.

I started working part time at the bookstore again. I went back in for my old job like, “Hey! I’m back. Help me.” And they were like, “Ok.” Done. So I work about 12 hours per week and then most game days and some weekends. Blah blah blah bookstore stuff.

I’m still doing some work for my sorority on a national level but not as much as I did last year. I’ve just got to work on getting together a marketing plan and little things like that. Pretty doable. I just haven’t had time to accomplish much since I’ve had midterms.

The career services coordinator in my department recommended me for an internship. It’s unpaid nonprofit work, nothing I’m not already used to. It’s a really great organization and an amazing opportunity to learn a lot and do a lot. I had the interview today and they offered it to me on the spot! BAM! Our interview was outside of a Starbucks. It was so hot. I was sweating so much. So attractive. Maybe she just felt bad for me. So I’ll be starting that soon. I can work from Athens so no commuting! Yay!

My friend also recommended me to her mom’s dentistry office for some freelance website and social media work too. They contacted me about it today. So we’re going to see what I can do for them for that too.

It’s so much stuff! But I feel like I’m killing it. BOOM! Get out of my way! …I need sleep.

I also have to update my bucket list posts about learning sign language and taking a pottery class. We’ll see when I get to that. It’s on my “things that need to get done eventually” list.

That was just a quick update to explain why I don’t have time for you, my loyal Best Remedi readers. So sorry. I’ll update more when I have the time. Off to my 3 hour class!



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