What time is it? Summertime.

(That title is from High School Musical, in case you didn’t catch that.)

Happy Official First Day of Summer! Hooray! Yeah. Summer actually starts this late. You would not be able to tell living in Georgia. Everyone swears summer began here months ago, probably because we’ve all been on the verge of a heat stroke since May.

Now that I am back in school, summers actually exist again! I’ve still got my part-time campus job and my internship with the Red Cross for the summer, but being a student, I actually have time to play. Quite possibly, this may be the last time. I can’t do anything too extravagant, again, since I’m a student. I wish I could travel internationally or something. Maybe I’ll save that for when I graduate.

In honor of my last student summer, here is my mini summer bucket list. It’s very mundane, but at least I have goals!

1. Learn how to curl my own hair. (I know. I fail at being a girl. And I have so much damn hair.)
2. Bake a three layer velvet cake. (Cake is my nemesis. I have yet to perfect it.)
3. Finish 3 books. (Now that I don’t have to read textbooks, I can read for pleasure. WHAT?! Crazy.)
4. Go on vacation somewhere other than New York or Florida. (Because I go to those places way too much. #firstworldproblems.)

That’s all I have so far. I think this is manageable. I’m debating on adding a few other things on there. Getting my FEMA IS-22 certification. Learning to code. Run a race. But that seems a little too ambitious since it’s summer. Summertime=lazy.

Some other stuff that’s been happening since my last update, which was a long time ago…

After revising my bucket list, I realized that I never updated about two of the things I completed. So, look forward to two very late posts about that. I took one summer maymester class. Still all A’s. (Yes, I count A-‘s as A’s. It still has an A in it.) I was a friend’s last minute plus one to a wedding. It was really fun! I went drunk tubing in Helen with the gang. I went to a beer festival, which is weird because I don’t like beer.

My roommate-less summer is coming to an end finally! My roomie is coming back from her study abroad/Euro Trip. Living alone has been so… lonely. Who would have thunk it? Hmmm?

I’ve got two back to back weddings coming up. I’ve been researching readings to do for my cousin, April’s, wedding at the end of the month. I want it to be a surprise. But, what if she doesn’t like what I pick?! Pressure…

When I get back from New York from that wedding, I basically have a day before I start getting ready for my friend, Shital’s, wedding. I’m excited because I get to have henna done and I have two beautiful outfits. But, I have to learn to garba. It’ll be fun but I’m a horrible dancer and very slow learner. I hope I’m not the worst one.

Well, I’m tired. So that’s it for now. Here’s a song that I’ve been obsessed with recently. Enjoy!


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